Trustee Services

Are there any other vehicles which allow for better asset protection, estate planning, securitization and collective investment schemes? Do you want to create a segregated fund that is separate and distinct, aimed at protecting the beneficiary’s interest? The Maltese trust offers a useful, cost-effective and practical solution to various wealth management and commercial issues. Malta’s attractive legislative and regulatory framework creates a streamlined trust regime that maximizes security, flexibility and certainty. Generally, if all the beneficiaries of a trust are not resident in Malta, and provided that all trust income does not arise in Malta, there shall be no Malta tax due by the trust or by the beneficiary.

DF Corporate is licensed to act as a trustee, administering the rights of beneficial holders in accordance with the trust agreement terms. We are committed to delivering streamlined, efficient and specialized trust services that include:

  • Advice on the creation of customized solutions in respect of each particular trust set-up.
  • Assistance in the preparation of trust settlement agreements and, generally, assistance in the preparation and completion of any other ancillary documentation.
  • Provision of trustee services through DF Corporate Services Limited
  • Provision of accounting and back-office services in respect of each trust set-up.
  • Procurement of integrated administrative, custodian and management services through our network of preferred working partners.

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