Malta Gaming Licenses

The licences are categorised into four classes and are modeled on the nature of the operation:

  • The Class 1 Remote Gaming License is a remote gaming license for operators which manage their own risk on games of chance with repetitive events such as casino, games, slots and lotteries.
  • The Class 2 Remote Gaming License is a remote betting office license or an online betting exchange office license and is granted to operators which manage their risk on a singular spread and offer games based which are non repetitive and have a singular outcome for a particular event or group of events e.g. sports betting, fixed odds betting, pool betting, spread betting and any other form of betting.
  • The Class 3 Remote Gaming License is for operators which promote or abet gaming from Malta which are not involved in the risk but which take a commission, for example, betting exchanges, multi-jurisdictional poker, skins, P2P and game portals.
  • The Class 4 Remote Gaming License is a license to host and manage remote gaming operators, excluding the licensee itself. This license would be for software vendors or for platform operators which do not partake in the risk undertaken by the multiple operators which they host.

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