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What are the benefits of incorporating your business? Is incorporation essential, what are the advantages? The setting up of your business through an optimal format may enable you to engender third party confidence and credibility as well as ring-fence common risks associated to your business. The identification of particular jurisdictions may minimize your costs and tax liabilities, and consequently maximize your profits.

DF Corporate advises you on whether you should incorporate and whether you should incorporate in Malta or in another jurisdiction. We ensure the formation process is comprehensively completed as promptly as possible tailored to your particular objectives. We provide the full range of services for the setting up and administration of corporate entities in Malta, and through our collaborators in various jurisdictions we are able to provide you with diverse options and solutions, thereby capitalizing on jurisdictional advantages and frameworks.

The benefits of the Malta tax refund system are generally maximised in a two-tiered corporate structure, involving a Maltese registered company holding all the shares in a Maltese registered trading company, whereby any dividends distributed by the trading company to the holding company out of the trading company’s taxed profits would not be subject to further taxation in the hands of the holding company, entitling the latter to the corporate tax refunds.

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