A Malta Integrated Maritime Policy

Posted on 20th August 2014 in News

A Malta Integrated Maritime Policy

Dr José Herrera, Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth, has recently launched during a meeting in Brussels, co-hosted by Commissioner for Maritime Affairs Maria Damanaki and the Global Ocean Commission, a national initiative on the subject matter of the Maritime Policy.

He exclaimed: “From the beginning of this administration, in 2013, the Government has been committed to developing Malta’s maritime potential. Malta depends on the sea that surrounds it for food, freshwater, a stable climate, transport, recreation and its livelihood.

That is why the Government set up the National Integrated Maritime Strategy Committee with experts in the various field of the marine and maritime sectors. The objective was to review principles and performance”.

The vision is for Malta to be a centre for Maritime Excellence, with a programme of Maritime Initiatives that value and balance:

  • Economic growth;
  • Employment, social cohesion and quality of life; and
  • Respect, protection and maintenance of:
    • Natural and cultural heritage, and
    • Marine Environment.

The National Integrated Maritime Policy has the objective of establishing the ideal business environment for blue economy and blue jobs. The Blue Growth Areas on which to focus are:

1)      Aquaculture;

2)      Coastal Tourism;

3)      Marine Biotechnology;

4)      Ocean Energy;

5)      Seabed Mining;

6)      Maritime Transport;

7)      Maritime Financial Services;

8)      Ship Building and Repair;

9)      Fisheries;

10)   Oil and Gas Industry.


We will be following the development and consultation process currently underway as we believe  this will shape a way forward for Maltese maritime affairs and create a much need guideline indentifying priorities, strengths and weakness of the present industries, whilst highlighting opportunities.


For more information, go to the link below:

https://meib.gov.mt/en/public_consultation/Documents/Integrated%20Maritime%20Policy.pdf (https://meib NULL.gov NULL.mt/en/public_consultation/Documents/Integrated%20Maritime%20Policy NULL.pdf)


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