Online gaming in Malta controlled effectively – Ministry Of Finance

Posted on 28th March 2011 in Gaming

Times of Malta has reported that according to the Finance Ministry, Malta was the first EU state to have a comprehensive, robust, strict and highly regulated framework controlling on-line gaming in an effective manner, based on the cardinal principles of player protection, protection of the vulnerable and minors, fair gaming and keeping gaming free from crime.

This framework had been in place since 2004, and was in line with the EU treaty principles.

The ministry said that Malta had 325 valid online gaming licenses held by 220 registered companies in 2008, and not 500 online registered companies, as had been reported.

It said that Malta’s position was not against having harmonised rules for the on-line gaming sector, as long as the treaty principles and internal market rules were respected.

“The fact that Malta was the first to regulate this sector in the EU, and the fact that Malta enforces a robust and strict regulatory framework is one of the key reasons why operators opt to obtain a Malta license,” the ministry said.

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